Nutrition Workshop for College Students


Saturday, December 30th
9am – 2pm
At Nourished Soul in Southlake, TX
Cost: $150 (PAyment Plan Available)

While going to college can be exciting, adjusting to all the change can be challenging – including figuring out how to eat well! Some of the things we see with our clients are challenges related to eating at college are:

  • Being too busy
  • Not knowing what to eat
  • Disliking a lot of the dining hall food
  • Not knowing how to fix meals
  • Being on a tight budget
  • Struggling with disordered eating

If you’re worried about eating at college because any of these kinds of issues, this workshop is for you!

Led by a licensed dietitian, this workshop will give you simple strategies to eat in nourishing, balanced ways that you actually enjoy, even if you live in a dorm and eat in dining halls. We’ll also cover ways to get in movement at school that will work for your busy schedule.

There will lots of helpful education about nutrition, but it will also be highly practical. You’ll leave with with meal and snack ideas, a grocery list, and handy tips and tricks!


9 – 10am: Nutrition basics

10 – 11am: How to plan, prepare, and feel confident about making satisfying food choices in a variety of college situations

11am – 12pm: Having the the needed items on hand to nourish your body well for classes, studying and socializing

11am – 12pm: Grab-and-go lunch (hands on learning from items covered in previous hour)

12pm-1pm: Getting movement in college in ways that are fun

1pm – 2pm: Q&A time

Proper nourishment is one of the most important keys to brain function and academic success!

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