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Lauren Dorsett, Graduate Intern*

Supervised by Cherie Miller, MS, LPC-S
*Lauren is a low-fee provider

Counseling has had an incredible impact on my life, bringing me profound healing and a sense of freedom. It helped me rediscover parts of myself that were lost while I was in survival mode or were pushed to the side over time. This personal journey inspired me to pursue a career in the counseling field with the goal of helping others reconnect to their true selves and live more freely.

I strive to create a welcoming, safe space where you can be yourself, free from judgment, and have the opportunity to embark on a healing and growth journey with a supportive guide. I personally understand the lasting effects of trauma on both the mind and body, and I approach each person with a trauma-informed perspective. I hold onto hope with empathy, even when it may be challenging for you to envision a brighter path forward in life.

How I can help

services & specialties



  • Children (6 and up), teens and adults
  • Eating disorders and body image
  • Anxiety, depression and other mood disorders
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Chronic Illness
  • Grief
  • Life Transitions
  • Spanish-speaking (conversationally)

Low-Fee Private Pay

  • $75 assessment, $50 for regular sessions

Offers daytime & evening appts on Fridays
In-person in Southlake

My qualifications

I am a Master’s level graduate student pursuing my counseling licensure through Divine Mercy University’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program. I received my BFA in Dance Education with a minor in Business Administration from Texas State University. I have completed additional training through the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology and FEMA training courses. I currently hold a student membership with the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the Texas Counseling Association (TCA). I am under the supervision of Cherie Miller, MS, LPC-S.

For several years after undergraduate school, I was a missionary leader and lived in various countries in Central America, South America, and Asia doing humanitarian work. Because of this, I have extensive experience working with people from various cultures and backgrounds and understand various worldviews that may differ from my own.

Let’s Get Personal

I love spending time outside hiking and exploring new places! Being in nature, surrounded by beauty, grounds me and brings me life. I also love doing anything creative, such as dancing, singing, or painting. Dancing or taking part in any kind of movement class where I can express my emotions brings me joy and is a crucial part of my own self-care. I also enjoy relaxing and watching movies and reading.

You can book a therapy appointment with me online by clicking below or by emailing me at lauren@nourishedsoulecenter.com.