Eating Disorder Self-Test



To help assess if you might have a problem with an eating disorder, please select the answer for each statement you feel describes you. After filling out this quiz, you will receive your results and automatically be signed up for our Food Freedom emails (woohoo!)

Disclaimer: This quiz is not intended to diagnose any conditions, but might be a useful tool in determining whether you have problem and need to seek help. This quiz is also more likely to pick up on disordered eating related to body dissatisfaction, which is not a symptom of all types of eating disorders.

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Do you feel guilty after eating "too much" or eating certain foods?

Do you feel ashamed of your body?

How often does your shape or weight influence how you think or feel about yourself?

Have you gone for long periods of time without eating in order to influence your weight or shape?

How often do you feel uncomfortable seeing your body (e.g., seeing yourself in the mirror, a window reflection, etc.)?

Have you had a fear of losing control over eating?

Have you been deliberately trying to limit the amount of food you eat to influence your shape or weight (whether or not you have succeeded)?

Have you had a desire to have an empty stomach with the aim of influencing your weight or shape?

Are you uncomfortable eating in front of others?

Have you tried to exclude from your diet any foods that you like in order to influence your weight or shape (whether or not you've succeeded)?

Does eating certain foods give you anxiety about gaining weight?

Has thinking about your shape or weight made it very difficult to concentrate on things you are interested in (e.g., working, following a conversation, reading, etc.)?

Are other people concerned about your eating?

How often do you body check by looking at your reflection or pinching at your body?

How often do you weigh yourself?

Do you ever avoid situations because of anxiety about food (e.g. social functions, vacations, etc.)?

Do you ever binge eat?