Intuitive Eating Book Club for Women 30+

LED BY Cherie Miller, ms, LPc-s

6 Virtual Meetings
Cost: $240 ($40 a week)
** Next Group Start TBD **

This 6-week group is designed to support adult women in learning how to call a truce with their bodies and break up with dieting for good!

Led by a licensed disordered eating therapist and coach, we will read Christy’s Harrison’s book, Anti-Diet, together and talk about practical ways to start eating with freedom and confidence as well as develop more body acceptance.

It starts with understanding what diet culture is and how it profits billions off our misery by keeping us trapped in body shame. From there, we’ll work on becoming empowered make different choices that free us up to live more meaningful, happier, and yes, probably even physically healthier lives!

You don’t have to obsess over every bite of food you put in your mouth… you can learn to eat fearlessly and freely!

You don’t have to live a life defined by the number on the scale… you can develop a sense of purpose and self-worth beyond the scale.

You don’t have to be trapped in diet culture’s harmful messaging forever… you can become an informed consumer of all the messaging about food and weight.

Are you ready to finally stop yo-yo dieting and make peace with food?

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