The Problem with the Fashion Industry

I recently shared a post on Instagram that got a lot of attention, so I wanted to share in case you missed it and also expand on it a bit. We’re so inundated with images of smaller bodies that we think that is the “norm” when it’s actually not.

If 67% of women are a size for 14 or larger, that means being a size 14 or larger is absolutely normal, despite what we’re led to believe by advertising and the media. This feeling of being outside the norm is reinforced by how difficult it is to find clothing in those sizes. And not just clothing, but attractive clothes.

Bottom line…

if shopping for clothes beyond straight sizes makes you feel bad about your body, remember that your body isn’t the problem. Normal bodies being disregarded and shamed in the fashion industry is the problem.

You don’t need to feel ashamed or angry at yourself for having a hard time shopping for your size—feel angry at the diet culture system that is so bent on shrinking women it will willingly leave billions of dollars on the table rather than properly serve the market majority. The fact that the majority of the market fits into the size 14+ category and yet is mostly ignored, just shows the weight bias of the fashion industry.

And even if our bodies in some way fall outside of what it statistically considered normal or average, it doesn’t mean our bodies are bad.

All bodies are good bodies. Period.

Much love,
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I’m Cherie Miller, MS, LPC-S, founder of Nourished Soul Center for Healing and @foodfreedomtherapist on Instagram. We offer therapy and nutrition counseling for chronic dieting as well eating disorders like Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, Orthorexia, ARFID, and other food issues. As anti-diet professionals, we are passionate about intuitive eating and Health at Every Size philosophies. Contact us here to schedule a therapy or nutrition appointment.

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